Meanderings Publication Guidelines

With the growth of Meanderings, it is necessary to provide a set of guidelines to assist people interested in submitting material for publication. We are pleased to consider for publication material in any format accessible via the World Wide Web, including:


Short Fiction
Book Reviews
CD or Concert Reviews
Film Reviews


Photography, Color or Black and White
Computer Graphics


Original movie shorts


Spoken Word Poetry or Readings
Original Music

Anything Else You Can Think Of

We're particularly interested in material using two or more genres. For example, an account of a visit to Cairo accompanied by original photography might be of interest. An original poem accompanied with original art or by a video or audio version incorporating music would be an excellent idea as well. Of course, we must pay attention to the limitations of bandwidth, but they're ever-changing, so contact us if you have questions.

In general, we have no specific criteria with respect to content. However, we have a desire for pieces which challenge the reader, which make us go, "hmmmm, I hadn't thought about it that way before." In any event, the best way to get an idea of what we will publish is to look at, but not be restricted by, what we have published in the past.

Submission Procedures

If you have a story idea, send us a note via email. Your message should outline the general idea, what your theme is, and why it might be a good feature for Meanderings. If you have material already put together in final form, graphics or poetry, for example, an email note would still be useful so we can facilitate delivery of the material. If you have an essay or poetry and simply want to submit it, please do so.

Review Procedures

In general, material accepted for publication will be edited by the Meanderings staff. In certain cases, we may provide feedback and engage the author in discussion about written material. However, final publication decisions must remain with Meanderings. Any material physically delivered to Meanderings, photographic images or original art, for example, will be returned after publication decisions are finalized.

Submission Address

Submissions and requests for information should be sent to

If you need a snailmail address, again, contact us first via email.