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Contents of Meanderings 2.06

Editor's Notes

Welcome to Meanderings 2.06! In addition to the contents of this issue, a lot has been happening around these parts. For example, last month's "Squeezin' the O.J. Hype!" issue, done jointly with VIBE Magazine, has generated much discussion in our posting areas. We've also seen a better than 50 percent jump in traffic at the website in the last month! In addition, some good things never die. An article by Bill Benzon in Meanderings 2.03 entitled, "Why the New Intellectuals Don't Cut It," is still generating excellent discussion of two related ideas: jazz and black intellectualism, and the interaction of jazz and business. Not so long ago you wouldn't think of the web as a good place for a conversation, but those rules are changing fast!

In this issue, we announce the winner of the Meanderings Bright Moments Contest. We also introduce a new rating mechanism in this issue. At the end of each article or feature, we provide a means of rating the feature on a scale from 1 to 7 using any criteria you choose. We're working on the means to provide rating info on an ongoing basis. We hope this information will help all of us in a number of ways. Importantly, since the amount of content is growing, over time, ratings will help new comers find the stuff readers think is most important. So please, when it's convenient, enter a rating, but please don't let this stop you from posting actual messages discussing articles and such. Those messages are a big part of the value of this endeavor!

For folks who would like to contribute material to Meanderings, we've set up a page containing publication guidelines. Please let us know if you have questions in this regard. And please keep the email coming.


Cuda Brown


  1. For Marguerite Whitley Simpson Thomas
    In her first of hopefully many appearances in Meanderings, Bianca Floyd considers another Simpson. Not O.J. or Nicole. Marguerite, O.J.'s first wife. As Bianca says, it's a story of how an "around-the-way-girl" lost her man in Hollywood.

  2. A Community and its Doctors in Need of a Cure
    Written by a black physician, this article considers the state of black health care, both as it affects the community and how it affects and is being affected by black doctors themselves. It's an important essay so read it, OK?

  3. Bomani Gallery: The Art of Claude Clarke, Sr.
    With the help of San Francisco's Bomani Gallery, we bring you the work of Claude Clarke, Sr. Born in 1915, he's been making waves in the art world for a long time. Check it out!

  4. Fore Play: A Lesson in Jivometric Drummology
    Your editor took a brief vacation this month, a little sun and sand, mostly in the sand traps! Managing to shoot only in the 90's, he came back to find this piece by Bill Benzon. If golf was invented by black folks, and that's exactly what he says, how come I can't play it? Hmmm...

  5. Bright Moments in Music
    Bright Moments, Bright Moments! In April, Meanderings brought you a feature on the late but still great Rahsaan Roland Kirk. We also asked you to give us your favorite "Bright Moment." Several of you did and we announce the winner of that contest in this issue. In this piece, Bill augments the Bright Moments provided by our contestants with those of Dizzy Gillespie, Branford Marsalis, Vladimir Horowitz, and the Pope! Yes the Pope, among others. Bright Moments, Bright Moments!

  6. The Revolution Is In Your Head, Not On It
    It's amazing, but some folks are still hung up on hair. I used to have a 'fro, but I couldn't comb it. Now I gots no hair at all. Imagine that! Any political significance? Not on my account, but Stephanie Mason's latest may provoke a few comments.

  7. Buddy Guy -- Damn Right I've Got the Blues!
    Rick Siciliano's photography of Buddy Guy and other denizens of the blues provides a good-looking way to end this issue. And suggests some music we might keep in mind as we get started on the next one. "Every day, I have the blues!" That's right!!

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