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Comment?Why do blacks and whites disagree on O.J.?

The following message was posted by Jim Bond to the newsgroup:

A poll announced on NBC news this morning (5/25) indicated that, subsequent to the presentation of the DNA evidence, 60% of White Americans believe OJ is guilty, but only 13% of Black Americans believe his is guilty. If, in fact, these percentages are accurate, what they suggest about the current state Black Americans' sense of participation in the American body politic is utterly appalling. There is simply no way an impartial, reasonable human being can look at the staggering--and now scientifically compelling--evidence proving OJ's responsibility for these two heinous murders and not conclude he is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. The theory that there was some instantaneously hatched, flawlessly executed and still-completely hidden conspiracy to frame OJ is completely and utterly ludicrous.

How can 87% of Black Americans not see this? Is this a my-race-right-or wrong issue? Does racial solidarity always and in every case demand that the Black American side with the "Black side"?

Is this another case of blacks and whites not being on the same page?
Is racism (white or black) responsible for the disparity?
What's your opinion?

Squeezin' the OJ Hype!

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