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Meanderings Gets Graphic!!


  1. Beyond Oppositional Trickeration
    After stating that "White folks weren't always white," Bill Benzon explains how white people got to be that way.

  2. Female Identity, Male Domination, and Black Power Movements
    We're Not Just Black Power Groupies

    Stephanie Mason discusses the role of women in the black power movement -- and what it should be now.

  3. Poetry Feature: Akua Lezli Hope
    After you read these four poems, you'll understand why we're so pleased that Akua Lezli Hope has agreed to serve as Meanderings new poetry editor!

  4. The Jivometric Genius of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
    The nice thing about electronic media is that it isn't print! So drop whatever it is you're doing, and explore Rahsaan Roland Kirk with us. This multimedia tribute features Rahsaan's own words, some interesting imagemaking by Bill Benzon (that's one of his images above right), and some historical insights by Tom Rossen. And then, put your thinking cap on and . . .

    Enter Meanderings' Bright Moments Contest

  5. Little Spirit in the Forest: The Art of Joshua Humphries
    Joshua Humphries is an excellent young artist, illustrator and storyteller. Here he hints at the possibilities of the new electronic media, and what a hint it is (a small version of his image appears above left -- check out the full size version)!

  6. about the gun (i wasn't licensed to have one)
    Mike Bowen has graced the pages of Meanderings with his poetry before and we're pleased to have him back again. And looking forward to the prose he's got coming our way!

  7. Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

Lot's of stuff to talk about this month, but not much time to do it. First, Meanderings is growing. From the beginning I've had the benefit of editorial insights (and proofreading) from my friend and mate, Coco, and have also had to take some guff from the Rev. Dr. Claude Jeremiah Swiff from time to time. But now we're getting more serious, and Bill Benzon and Akua Lezli Hope have agreed to serve as Contributing Editor and Poetry Editor, respectively. We've also had offers of contributions from many folks and will use more of them in the future. In this case, we think growth is good, and hope you agree!

This issue begins to hint at the possibilities of electronic media. Please check out our tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk. It make take a few extra moments for your browser to download the many graphic images but we think it will be worth it. And we hope the Bright Moments Contest will pique your interest as well. Only problem is figuring out what we do ...

... For an encore, be sure to visit us in early May when we tackle, from many angles and different perspectives, seriously now, OJ!

Til then,


Cuda Brown


Beyond Oppositional Trickeration
We're Not Just Black Power Groupies
Poetry Feature: Akua Lezli Hope
The Jivometric Genius of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Little Spirit in the Forest: The Art of Joshua Humphries
about the gun (i wasn't licensed to have one)

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