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Humanity and Its Society:

To Tame the Beast

by Mo Berry <>

Battered, blood torn spittin through ivory tusks, clawing my way out into the madness. I must join my brethren in their carnivorous fight to tame the beast. The beast called Humanity and its Society. We struggle to bring down, tear down the structure that dilutes the good in the world. The beast must subside.

I thrust my woe ridden body upon the rampage in attempt to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I fail. What was there for me to do? I shall soon die by the plight of another reformer's body which will in turn become carcass meat to the beast. I decide to go towards the middle in an attempt to escape the hurling of bodies. Stumbling over the dead their bodies almost giving away like quick sand. The more I progress, the more rotten the bodies. Thus telling me that the more I progress, the closer I get to the beast.

I stop for I think I almost hear the low crash of a wave. Yes, yes it is quite visible a sound, but with screams among the crash. It is getting louder. I turn to see mounds of stark men and women falling in an avalanche wave raking all in its path. Slowly it crept upon me. My body, like a nightmare, freezes in anticipation, for I know the frenzy is about to begin.

The bodies fall upon me. My body, in reflex, balls into that fetal position I endeared so as a baby. I become part of the craze as we all flow toward the center as if it were a garbage disposal. In a sense it is, chewing the bodies and swallowing their pride. The bodies roll upon me, skin to skin. Their bodies are like acid to my naked body. I see all, including faces. Faces of people I know. I feel a multiple of sensations as other people kiss me, bite me, tear my skin off and gnaw my nerves. The pain is unbearable, yet there is no way to stop it, rolling and tumbling.

After what seemed to be an eternity, and probably was, the bodies are becoming more and more rotted. More than quicksand, almost like water. Water of ashes. I must get to the top, so I begin to swim. My fear and will allow me to hold my breath much longer than usual, for breathing ashes is hideous and drowning in them much worse. I swim to the top. When my head arrives at the top I suck air like never before. But the stench reeked of hell and my body succumbs to violence. Eyes closed I begin to swing and toss my body flailing my arms like an immature brat. Sloshing and splashing the ashes in every direction. I was ablaze in the times.

I open my eyes. I see it. Humanity and its Society. My reason to give to the fight. There it is. Am I the one? The chosen one to tame the beast? Yes, I must be the one. "Swim I must towards the beast," I thought, adding a new situation to a song I love: "I am the one to stop its feast. With blackened pride that burns inside my shell, I'll stop the treason. I'll cut the jaws of the war machine and give life back to our babies."

I reached the ring in which Humanity sat awaiting my challenge. The bodies of whom I was once among now spin around me and the beast like a whirlpool. As they swirl they stare, in hope and in pity. They seem to know the outcome already. Humanity is hard to describe. Dark in mass, almost . . .yes, human dimensions. Two legs, torso, arms and head. The most distinctive character it has is its large mouth. It contains two tongues, the better to speak out of both sides. I hate the beast with a passion, yet it ignores me.

But as far as I'm concerned the fight is on. I walk straight up to the beast and begin to argue. I lose this argument even though it does not say a word. I begin to insult it yet I am the one offended. I slap it, I rear back in pain. I kick it with might, yet I feel the blow. I see it eye something to my side. I look. An ax. A huge black ax. Yes, my tool for its destruction. Gently bend over and pick it up I do, for now the beast is to be gone. Ax in hand, I wield it back. And with all the force in my body I swing. I fall slain. The beast is tamed.

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Meanderings 2.03 -- March 1995