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Letter to Meanderings

[Editor: Received some interesting mail recently, reprinted with permission of the author.]

yo man, your shit is deep!

deep like atlantis. i just read one of your articles- you've done a great job not only with the html tech stuff, the presentation, but your content is great! well reasoned and well expressed. your research and general acumen are really impressive. your points about black leadership are searing. you and i are brothers of the same mind (unblind...(caught in the middle and, not surrenderin...))

i think all efforts should be made to dialogue with farrakhan- primarily between he and black leaders though. he has many important things to say about especially black male problems in the US but nobody lets him get to that, always calling him on being antisemitic. dont get me wrong, i think he is a coward for picking on us- we're such an easy and convenient target, and we squeal loud when smacked. but shit, if they didnt always ask him what do you think about jews, maybe he could say some good shit about the hell going on right here in hp and the 'mo.

i mean, i dont really care what he thinks about jews. to begin with, he should deal with his own backyard before poking his nose into ours. let me address jewish anti-black racism and 'oppression' in those areas where it does exist- believe me, i have had some choice words and sometimes fists for my tribesmen fronting about monkeyapenigger this or that. secondly, he doesnt have power or guns, so what do we care? what can he do? we just have to have our shit together with our community trained with glocks for ANY nazis- black, white, yellow or brown. we definetly should not be tripping about him. I also love cornel west- what a mind!

keep up the good work!


rob g <>
January 6, 1995

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Meanderings 2.01 -- January 1995