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soft rap returns from the home for the sane persecuted class

Music spins, charged verbals majestically hop
unchallenging to pressed plastic specs
brilliance is transformedthrough
unfathomable electronics attainable
only by credit - agift of fiscal innocence
around xmas time when lenders getliberal
collecting potential debt service
from an internalthird world.

compacted clips of revolution, rebroadcast
sampled sounds of malcolm
civil drug war villagers claim to be onthe wrong side of the war
on drugs; makes a media star of boredecon majors
with still enough accent to fool suburban police - badjoke

enough to be called enuf
and nine days at county; momcries
at shattered expectations to the rhythm of
other discs ina pile trying to reconcile this turn
to probable cause, scanningliner note shout outs
funky cartoons, tape foldouts.
anoff-campus apartment rented month to month
on government guaranteedloans.
right resenting mainstreamies
bang the wall calling forspeedmetal barabas
death to jeep beats by decree.
minoritygrants are now repaid
by systemic injustice she reasons.

lynch-quick fashion swift
to obscure pressures, linearlyunrecognizeable
to the nons, but this pattern etched
wrinklesand scars of a different dignity
plain as backbeats, pursed lipsand mean strolls
unstoppable by one family
too obvious to unityloathing county trustees
the idea is tossed to the dread heap

humming silences, swallowing bile
thinking positive science,dope dropped
and for once on the burglar barred bus
in transitto the streets from hell-home
soft rap whistled dixie

© m.d.c.bowen 1994

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Meanderings 1.07 -- October 25, 1994