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black patches 1969 (by Mike Bowen)

i used to be a grass root nigger
that made me my own turf
i was all i had to defend

born in a sidewalk crack
malnourished on gravel and oil
i found a black patch of soveriegn soil

and grew up into a tall ass weed
able to sway in the breeze
beggin, they say, to be mowed down

i recognized my kinship with the trees
and sprouted wild the fuck leaves
and politicked brown sugar pollen with brazen bees

hybridized and radicalized i bastardized the greenhouse
my shit crawled up table legs
and snatched the glow off rosy complexions

a chorus of weedness did backflips
and niggahs got crazy
my children were everywhere

unnatural they say
and tempt me with simple seed packs
and forty acres of fertilizer

a wish i remember having
before sprouting about, finally chillin out
and becoming my own african violet

© m.d.c.bowen 1994

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Meanderings 1.04 -- April 11, 1994