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You may recognize the above as the title to one of Wynton Marsalis' compositions. There is also a restaurant in NYC with the same name, though spelled slightly differently. Anyway, the issue of first-hand and second-hand cigarette smoke took center stage this week with Congressional testimony regarding manipulation of tar levels by the tobacco companies, lawsuits filed against one of the major networks for reporting same in its newsmagazine reports, and Labor Secretary Robert Reich proposing a rule to ban all smoking in the nation's workplaces. There is also a large cigarette tax increase pending to help fund health care costs. What does it all mean? I don't know where it will end up, but I can't wait for someone to claim that these efforts are racist because proportionally more blacks than whites smoke. Yeah, I'm still pretty cynical I guess.

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Meanderings 1.02 -- March 27, 1994