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In another tale from the "where I stand depends on where I sit" school of thinking, I heard a little Easter tale this week. Seems someone at a company wanted to put up a little Easter display, with a "Happy Easter" banner, Easter basket with eggs, grass & jelly beans. In fact, they put up the display without getting company approval. A Jewish woman mentioned to a black fellow employee that the display was "exclusionary". The black employee talked to the people responsible for the display and said, "You really shouldn't put up an Easter display without also recognizing Passover. Some people here will feel left out".

Of course, that's when all hell started to break loose. Comments like, "Most of us are Christian here" and "Easter is not a religious holiday" were heard, in addition to the averted glances and avoidance of contact that might be expected in a situation like this. Ultimately, the company decided to adhere to the same policy it followed at Christmas time: No Easter or Passover displays. Which reminds me -- why is the New York Stock Exchange shut down for Easter but not other religions' sacred observances? And, does it matter?

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Meanderings 1.02 -- March 27, 1994