Who is Cuda Brown?

Sorry you can't see me!

I'm Cuda Brown! At least that's who I think I am. This page is under construction so you can't find out much more about me than that for the time being. You can always just "read between the lines!" And then there's email!!

Guess you can't see Swiff either! Time to get a newer system!!

This here's a picture of my good friend, The Rev. Doctor Claude Jeremiah Swiff. I should tell you that he's no Reverend and he ain't no doctor neither (not even the honorary kind less'n you count all of his neighbors who do call him Doctor). He just likes the way the words sound! In any event, he's my best buddy and he's promised to help out with some of this writing and html construction stuff. And the two of us plan to have some very deep conversations in future Meanderings. In fact, Meanderings 2.02 features an interesting discussion I had with Claude on the subject of Meanderings and Sports (see "Rev. Dr. Claude Jeremiah Swiff on Sports"). Maybe we'll do some more soon!