A Word From The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Gravity's Web Zine, G. Or in this case, G 1.01. Many of you may recall an earlier effort called Meanderings. We put that journal into hiatus while working to launch a broader web effort. In the meantime, we've hosted an ongoing discussion forum, and engaged in a couple of special projects, Black is... Black ain't... and the Martin Luther King Tribute. Publication of G is the next step in that direction, and we hope you like what you see!

Our goal is to publish monthly issues that focus on ideas, issues and the arts, with an emphasis on black perspectives. One thing we know is that African-Americans are diverse and have a lot of different perspectives. We aim to bring them all to you. Maybe we can even make some progress and have fun doing so.

As with Meanderings, we hope and expect that G will grow as an outlet for serious discussion of ideas. We hope to make it a collaborative effort, and you can help by contributing. Check out our Publication Guidelines or contact us at gravity@newsavanna.com.

Since one of the most important tenets is that our articles and other features should serve as a starting point for discussion, G is also part of Gravity's interactive web site. We are adding at least one new Discussion Zone to facilitate discussion of articles and will expand them as we go along.

If you like what you see, we encourage you to Register and become a regular contributor to the Gravity discussions as well. Gravity now has over 1,000 members and we're always on the lookout for active participants, so please jump right in!

Our initial steps into cyberspace have been very rewarding, and we look forward to creating some serious Gravity in cyberspace during 1997!

G 1.01

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