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Black Is...Black Ain't acknowledges the pain and hurt that can occur in parent-child relationships, but also salutes strong, loving black families. Black families are especially incorporative, including a wide range of relatives and friends who care for and support each other.

  1. Have you ever attended a family reunion? Describe the variety of people who are members of your family.
  2. Think about your "pretend" or "play" aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters and those who are "like" a mother or father. How can this incorporative family feeling be extended to the larger black community?
  3. In the film, we watch the St. Juliens pour libations in memory of a deceased member of the family. Discuss the rituals in your family and community that pass on African American culture and history from one generation to the next.

Discussion Questions
Black Is . . . Black Ain't

Introduction: Fighting Words|Black Power = Male Power?|Black Music / Black History / Afrocentrism|Sexism, Patriarchy and Homophobia|Family|Acting White / Not Black Enough?|Multiple Identities and New Forms of Community

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