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Discussion Questions

These Discussion Questions will help you problematize the idea of black identity, uproot it from any fixed moorings, and help students reconceive their own identity as something that, at least in part, each is capable of reinventing and renewing every day. The questions are keyed to the eight segments of the film; each segment corresponds to a different theme (the beginning and end times of each segment are noted to make them easy to find on the video). We don't expect you to pursue all the questions. But read each one carefully and select those most relevant to your group. You might want to assign some of the questions as written assignments. Some student affairs professionals divide students after viewing into groups of African Americans and non-African Americans to facilitate a more open and honest discussion. While some of the questions are oriented towards African American students, most can easily be adapted for students of all races.

Please note that each page of discussion pages contains links to the Gravity discussion pages for Black Is...Black Ain't. We encourage to read the posts and participate in discussion regarding the film and it's meaning. You can register to participate in the discussions at Gravity by visiting the Gravity Registration Page.


Introduction: Fighting Words
Black Power = Male Power?
Black Music / Black History / Afrocentrism
Sexism, Patriarchy and Homophobia
Acting White / Not Black Enough?
Multiple Identities and New Forms of Community

Black Is . . . Black Ain't

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